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How can we help take your ideas to the next level?

At The Leap Group, we have more than 20 years of experience in launching new products and initiatives successfully. We work with emerging and established technology companies to strategize, manage, and execute high-impact marketing programs and projects. Clients value our unique combination of marketing expertise, problem-solving skills, and organizational savvy. Whether you rely on us as an on-demand resource or as an extension to your marketing team, we deliver proven results time after time. 



Good positioning helps you focus your messages on the problems you can best solve. It always starts with a deep understanding of the customer and their pain points, and lays the groundwork for all your marketing communications.  

We help pull together all the components needed to develop effective positioning for your solutions:

  • Segmentation strategies

  • Customer research

  • Market research distillation

  • Competitive analysis

  • Positioning frameworks and messages

Content Creation


You need tons of great content, and you need it now. Our sweet spot? Demystifying complex technology-speak into the clear language that cross-functional teams need to be effective in launching new solutions and campaigns.


We'll put our considerable technology and market knowledge to work for you, writing content assets that are relevant and valuable to each of your audiences:

  • Messaging

  • Copy blocks

  • Creative briefs for agencies

  • Presentations 

  • White papers and brochures

  • Datasheets

  • Customer case studies

  • Website copy

  • Blogs and social media



We can help you work through the choices you'll need to make to launch solutions with greater results. We focus on identifying the right target customers, and then developing the value propositions, messages, and  marketing campaigns attuned to the way they want to buy.


Our services include:

  • Launch planning

  • Value propositions

  • Communications planning

  • Partner marketing

  • Field marketing playbooks

  • Sales training and tools

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